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Complete 2012 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:

S-7        Mamainse
S-8        Montreal                          
S-11.2  Ganley
S-11.5  Sinclair   
S-26      Puckaswa
S-27      Richardsons
S-31      Triangle    
S-32      Trappers
S-34       Simons 
S-58       McKellar Harbour
S-59       Claw Harbour
S-60       Jackfish Bay
S-66       Terrace Bay  
S-67       Les Petits Ecrits
S-70       Boat Harbour
S-74       Rossport   
S-76       Pays Plat  
S-81       Bead Island Harbour
S-86       Armour Island  
S-87       Bowman Island  
S-88       Paradise Island 
S-90       Agate Island 
S-199     Keweenaw Waterway
S-200     Houghton-Hancock           
S-201.5  Portage River Indent 
S-202     Torch Lake 
S-203     Pike Bay  
S-204     Eagle Harbor    
S-207     Copper Harbor 
S-208     South Bay  
S-209     Lac La Belle     
S-209.5  Grand Traverse Bay Harbor
S-210      Baraga   
S-211      L'Anse       
S-212      Pequaming   
S-213      Huron Bay 
S-214.5  West Huron Island   
M-34       Jackson Park     
M-36       DuSable         
M-70       McGulpin Bay     
M-71.5   West Moran Bay  
M-91       Fayette            
M-92       South River Bay  
M-97       Ogontz Bay     
NC-11     Vidal Bay
NC-19.5  Rous Island   
NC-38.4  Wilfrid Laurier
NC-42     Thomas Island 
NC-42.5  Coursol   
NC-61      East & West Grant   
NC-83      Bay Finn    
GB-28       Moon Island Area  
GB-28.1   Wreck Island
GB-28.2   Jenner Bay  
GB-28.3   Five-Finger Bay (Kinnear Island) 
GB-28.4   Ruddy Bay    
GB-28.5   Shotgun Cove   
GB-28.6   Port Rawson Bay
GB-28.7   Ritchie Bay Area   
GB-28.75  Woods Bay      
GB-28.8    Echo Bay  
GB-28.9    Spider Bay   
GB-29       Twelve Mile Bay to Rose Island 
GB-29.1    Sans Souci   
GB-29.2    Fryingpan Harbour  
GB-29.75  Kumfort Island  
GB-30        Amanda Island to Parry Sound    
GB-31        Parry Sound
GB-33        Parry Sound Outer Islands  
GB-35        Parry Sound to Twin Sisters Islands
GB-35.2     Kilcoursie Bay  
GB-35.8     Shark Bay   
GB-36        Snug Harbour   
GB-37        Twin Sisters Islands to Isle of Pines 
GB-37.1-5  Hopewell Bay 
GB-37.2      Shawanaga River 
GB-37.3       Eureka Point   
GB-38.5       Nares Inlet  
GB-39          Isle of Pines to Byng Inlet  
GB-43          Key to French   
GB-49          Beaverstone Bay to Killarney
GB-49.1      Beaverstone Bay  
GB-50          Mill Lake  
GB-50.5       Keyhole Island Area 
GB-51.8       Thomas Bay  
E-18.5          Middle Bass Island  
87 Reports        286 pages