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Complete 2011 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:

S-0.5    Lake Superior E & N Shores 

S-14     Gargantua Harbour                
S-19     Michipicoten Harbour
S-21     Pilot Harbour     
S-29     Otter Cove                             
S-37     Nicol's Cove                          
S-37.5  Dampier Cove                     
S-38     Oiseau Bay                            
S-47     Pulpwood Harbour                 
S-54     Port Munro                            
S-55     Port Coldwell                          
S-56     Foster Island Cove                
S-57     Allouez Island             
S-75.2  Old Man's Pocket                  
S-77     Morn Harbour            
S-78     Woodbine Harbour                 
S-92     Willard Island                          
S-97     Moss Island Channel             
S-106   Brodeur Island Harbour         
S-129   Tee Harbour                           
S-182.6 Grand Marais                         
S-183   Silver Bay                              
S-186.5  McQuade Harbor                   
S-191.9 Long Island                           
S-192    Bayfield, WI                            
S-192.5 Port Superior Harbor             
S-218    Munising                                
S-220.6 Whitefish Point                       
S-221    Waiska Bay                           
M-27     St. Joseph/Benton Harbor     
M-44     Kenosha                                
M-45     Racine                                   
M-54     Baileys Harbor                       
M-74     Egg Harbor                           
NC-0     Ideal Cruise through North Channel              
NC-1     Drummond Island Village                              
NC-2     Harbor Island, Potagannissing Bay               
NC-6     Milford Haven                                    
NC-6.5 Beef Island                                                     
NC-19  Bedford Harbour                                            
NC-21  Clapperton Island                                           
NC-23  Bay of the Benjamins                                    
NC-29.1 McNeill Cove                                              
NC-34.1 Hotham Island, west harbour
NC-34.2 Hotham Island, south harbour           
NC-67   Bruce Mines                                                  
NC-79   Snug Harbour                                                
NC-92   Shoal Bight                                                     
GB-1     Cove Island                
GB-8     Minor Harbors
GB-12   Wiarton                       
GB-21   Penetanguishene       
GB-21.7 Discover Harbour   
GB-27   Penetang to 12-Mile   
GB-27.9 Twelve Mile Bay    
GB-40.9 Byng Inlet (Britt)         
GB-41   Byng Inlet to Key Harbor       
GB-43.9a Alternate entrance     
GB-47   Fort Channel                          
GB-51   Bear Bay                                
GB-51.1 Deer Island Bay         
GB-51.2 Big Rock Bay             
H-2        Point Edward             
H-52      Whitney Bay                 
H-54      Lexington                   
H-61      Bay City                     
H-66      Alpena            
D-1        Port Huron                 
D-44      Metropolitan Beach    
E-7        Fairport                       
E-9        Chagrin River             
O-5.7     Irondequoit Bay                                  
O-44.1   Introduction to Toronto Harbours       
O-44.2   Frenchman's Bay      
O-44.4   Bluffers Park              
O-44.6   Ashbridge's Bay        
O-44.8   Toronto Outer Harbour                      
O-45      Toronto                                              
O-45.2   Ontario Place                                     
O-45.4   Humber Park                                     
O-45.5   Smith Park                                         
O-45.6   Port Credit                                         
W-6       Trent-Severn Waterway                    
Totals: 329 pp    83 reports