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Complete 2010 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:

S-15 Warp Bay

S-17 Brulé Harbour
S-18 Michipicoten River
S-53 Marathon
S-88.5 Owl Island
S-89 Squaw Bay
S-95.5 Red Rock
S-101 West Otter Cove
S-107 Loon Harbour
S-108 Borden Island
S-128 Silver Islet Landing
S-129 Tee Harbour
S-215 Big Bay Harbor

M-1.75 Hog Island East
M-14 Leland
M-59 Charboneau Bay
M-62 Manistique
M-66 Naubinway
M-71 St. Helena Island

NC-1 Drummond Island 
NC-16 West Bay
NC-17 Little Current
NC-28 Bell Cove
NC-34.6 Hotham East Harbour
NC-50.1 Bear's Bottom Bay
NC-55 Turnbull Harbour
NC-56 Clara Island
NC-57 Caroline Island
NC-59 Blind River
NC-68.5 Portlock Harbour
NC-72 Richards Landing
NC-75 Hilton Beach
NC-79.5 Hole in the Wall
NC-80 Boyle Cove
NC-81 Blueberry Island
NC-84 McGregor Bay Intro
NC-85 Birch Island
NC-86 Iroquois Bay
NC-87 North Channel
NC-88 Usual Reason Cove
NC-88.5 Crooked Arc Bay
NC-89 East-West Channel

GB-19.5 Hope Island
GB-49.1 Beaverstone Bay
GB-51.4 West Desjardin Bay
GB-52 Killarney

H-7 Kincardine
H-30 South Baymouth
H-32 Providence Bay
H-41 Greene Island
H-76 Mackinac Area
H-76.5 Mackinaw City
H-77 Mackinac Island
H-78 St. Ignace
H-81 Les Cheneaux Islands
H-81.2 Hessel
H-81.5 Cedarville
H-81.8 Government Bay

D-3 Sarnia
D-13 Port Lambton

E-4 Erie
E-13 Lorain
E-15.5 Saw Mill Creek Marina
E-16.8 West Harbor
E-18 Put-in-Bay
E-18.5 Middle Bass Island
E-19 Catawba Island
E-20 Port Clinton
E-21 Toledo
E-21.1 Maumee River, Upper
E-26 Port Maitland
E-28 Port Rowan
E-29 Port Burwell
E-32.5 Wheatley Harbour
E-34 Leamington
E-35.5 Cedar Creek

O-4 Little Sodus Bay
O-5 Sodus Bay
O-6.5 Oak Orchard
O-7 Olcott Harbor
O-8 Wilson Harbor
O-9 Youngstown


82 harbor reports / 301 pages