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Complete 2009 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:

S-1    Sault Ste. Marie, ON

S-4    Batchawana Bay        
S-15    Warp Bay
S-15.5    Pantagruel Bay
S-16    Indian Harbour
S-25    Quebec Harbour
S-90.5    CPR Slip (Squaw Harbour)
S-182.6    Grand Marais, MN
S-191.1    Sand Island, WI
S-191.15    Raspberry Island, WI
S-191.3    Rocky Island, WI
S-191.5    Stockton Island, WI
S-196    Saxon Harbor, WI
S-198    Ontonagon
S-215    Big Bay
S-220    Grand Marais, MI
S-220.4    Little Lake
S-220.6    Whitefish Point
S-230    Sault Ste. Marie, MI

M-4    Harbor Springs
M-6    Charlevoix
M-6.5    East Jordan
M-72.5    Sturgeon Bay and Canal
M-73    Sawyer Harbor
M-74    Egg Harbor
M-75    Fish Creek
M-76    Horseshoe Island
M-77    Shanty Bay
M-78    Ephraim
M-79    Little Sister Bay
M-80    Sister Bay
M-81    Chambers Island
M-82    Ellison Bay
M-83    Hedgehog Harbor, Gills Rock
M-86    Detroit Harbor
M-86.5    Njørd Heim
M-87    West Harbor
M-87.5    Washington Harbor
M-88    Jackson Harbor
M-88.5    Rock Island State Park
M-104    Marinette, WI / Menominee, MI            
M-105    Peshtigo River            
M-106    Oconto            
M-107    Pensaukee            
M-111    Little Sturgeon Bay            
M-112    High-Cliff Park            

NC-9    Tolsmaville
NC-10    Meldrum Bay
NC-12    Bayfield Sound
NC-14    Gore Bay
NC-15    Kagawong
NC-24    South Benjamin Island            
NC-28.5    Sturgeon Cove                    
NC-31    Barren Island area            
NC-34    Oak Bay
NC-40    Spanish            
NC-47    Moiles Harbour            
NC-48    Midway Bay            
NC-49    John Harbour            
NC-51    Beardrop Harbour            
NC-52    Taschereau Bay
NC-59    Blind River            
NC-61    East and West Grant Islands                        
NC-63    Thessalon
NC-76    Strawberry Island            
NC-77    Browning Cove
NC-78    Manitowaning
NC-81.5    Gord Blake Island

GB-49.1    Beaverstone Bay

H-52    Whitney Bay                    
H-67    Thunder Bay Island Group

E-25    Port Colborne
E-25.5    Welland Canal

O-10    Port Weller
O-11    Port Dalhousie

E-13    Erie Canal