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2020 HRU Subgroup 3: Lake Ontario/St Lawrence Seaway

As a special offer from our website, the update subgroup is available printed in full color for $25 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:
O-2.5 Henderson Harbor
O-6 Rochester
O-11 Port Dalhousie
O-34 Trenton
O-44.4 Bluffers Park
O-48 Hamilton
New – SLR-00.1 Introduction to the Thousand Islands
New – SLR-11 Wolfe Island
New – SLR-12 Cedar Island
New – SLR-13 Milton Island
New – SLR-14 Bateau Channel
New – SLR-16 Gananoque, Ont.
New – SLR-17 Admiralty Islands
New – SLR-18 Lake Fleet Islands
New – SLR-20 Navy Islands
New – SLR-22 Ivy Lea. Ont.
New – SLR-24 Smugglers Cove
New – SLR-25 Georgina/Constance Island Area
New – SLR-27 Hill Island
New – SLR-30 Rockport. Ont.
New – SLR-32 Grenadier Island
New – SLR-34 Adelaide Island
New – SLR-37 Mallorytown Landing
New – SLR-39 Amateur Islands
New – SLR-40 Princess and Savage Islands
New – SLR-45 Brock Group
New – SLR-49 Brockville. Ont.
27 reports / 94 pages