Great Loop Mast Stepping

gary weichmann - May 4, 2014

I am sailing east from WI arriving at Severn, Ontario to motor the Trent Severn and Erie Canal. I am unstepping mast in Midland ,Ontario around mid July and transporting to Catskill,NY. I am looking for other boats to share transportation costs. Please contact me at or 920.903.4011. 


jwooll's picture

We did the loop in an Island Packet (Keel stepped) mast in 2004 and 2005. We shipped the mast south but carried it on deck from Catskill to Georgian Bay. It was easy. Put a small amount of over hang low at the bow. Raise the stern portion well off the deck, mine was about six feet above the helm with lots of overhang at the stern. With that configuration we had no problems with the locks. Wait for a calm day to motor across lake Ontario.