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Great Lakes Foundation: Silver Islet (S-128) Grant Update

Authored by Cindy Badley
July 7, 2022

ALL Great Lakes Cruising Club members,

     This email to the Foundation, which we've forwarded, is from one of our recently approved Grant applications. The original request was for funds to purchase a couple of 'header,' docks to launch the creation of a marina at the Silver Islet Harbour (S-128) on Lake Superior. Fortunately, our "seed," money helped spark an abundance of interest and financial support, to this worthy project. Their success so far has even exceeded their expectations, and they are now well ahead of schedule with their development of this harbour. You can read more about this Silver Islet Harbour grant project at

     You should be proud of our Foundation, for your generosity is truly overwhelming! 

 Rich Barzyk, President 


---------- Forwarded message --------- 

From: Scott Cheadle

Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 11:37 AM

Subject: busy day at Silver Islet

To: Richard Barzyk <>

Hello Rich,

Well, it has been a long day coming but as you can see from the attached our docks were delivered yesterday. The whole volunteer navy turned out to help with the unloading and installation and everyone is pretty pumped about turning our harbour into a marina. The sun was shining early and we got a lot done before the fog rolled in. We got all the fingers on the header dock, two 30' long at the far end for bigger boats and four 24' long for the average sized. Lots of water under those slips so we will keep spots available there for keel boats. We got funding from enough sources that ultimately we could buy 17 dock sections so we will be able to keep the main dock clear for visitors and moor more than 30 boats on a seasonal basis. A few more steps to go but once it is all complete and the sun is shining I will send some more pics. Let me thank you and the GLF once again for your support in getting this project to the finish line. Happy 4th of July!