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Got a New Webinar Idea?

Authored by Mark Gagyi
October 6, 2022

The members of the GLCCSchool team are always looking for new webinars and webinar presenters.  Every year the school presents 40 or more live webinars.  While there is a core set of webinars that is repeated, finding new webinar topics is a high priority for every team member.

This year as the GLCCSchool team establishes the webinar line up for 2022-23, we are asking for your help. Do you know someone who would be an engaging presenter and has a great topic to talk about?  Maybe a veteran cruiser you’ve met along your travels.  Maybe a person you know in the marine industry. Maybe a speaker you heard at a meeting or online. Maybe this someone is you.

If you can steer a new webinar topic or new webinar presenter our way, the GLCCSchool team would be sincerely grateful.

If you have a possible person or idea, please send us an email at  We’ll get back to you. 


Thanks for your help!