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The GLCCSchool Has a Webinar for You

Authored by Mark Gagyi
March 24, 2023

The GLCCSchool is in its 13th season and every year 700-800 Great Lakes cruisers sign up for and attend one or more the GLCCSchool’ great webinars. If you are interested but have never attended a GLCCSchool webinars click here to get started.

If you check out the GLCCSchool’s Open Classes section you will see we will be concluding our four-part Diesel Maintenance Series, taking one more trip around the North Channel with our good friend Roy Eaton and having a bit of fun with Steve Wyckoff and his webinar Rum – History, Trivia & Interesting Fact. And by the way this is a FREE WEBINAR.

If you check out the GLCCSchool’s Recordings section you will find 32 great webinars to choose from. There’s a webinar on almost every corner of the Great Lakes, there’s Mark Thornton’s excellent weather series, there’s Larry Brandt’s marine Radar webinar, there’s Alex and Daria Blackwell’s ever popular anchoring webinar, there’s Tom Trimmer’s solar power webinar and much more. Also, in the list of recordings you’ll find another fun and FREE webinar Cooking and Cruising on the Great Lakes.  Check them all out.

Don’t miss out, register now at the Great Lakes Cruising Club School.