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GLCC YouTube Channel

Authored by David Spencer
December 5, 2023

We have had a GLCC YouTube Channel for several years but there wasn’t much content on it until recently.  Kelly Hillman and Rear Commodore Rob Hillman have posted several excellent videos offering a glimpse at upcoming GLCC School classes.  Rob has also posted a riveting account of his personal experience with the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald from his perspective as a young news director working at a radio station in northern Michigan on November 10, 1975. 


Rob and Kelly are skilled at knitting together interesting and informative videos.  The format for the GLCC School previews is usually a conversation with the presenter interspersed with images from the upcoming class.   Rob and Kelly are good at bringing the best out of their guests in these sessions and they offer a valuable look at what viewers can expect when they register for a GLCC School webinar. 


As you likely know, GLCC School classes are open to anyone for a small fee but, as a new membership benefit, they are now free for GLCC members starting in the fall of 2023.  One of the first interviews Rob and Kelly did was with GLCC School director Mark Gagyi providing an overview on what the school offers, how to register, and how to find and use the GLCC members-only discount code to register for free. It’s worth a look if the GLCC School is new to you.


Please take a few minutes to visit our channel and watch a few of the videos.  In addition to the number of views, YouTube algorithms respond to “viewer engagement” so please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment on our videos to help them reach our audience.


We think YouTube can be a valuable tool to help us communicate with our members and market our club to prospective members.  We’re grateful for the time and skill Rob and Kelly have invested in this initiative.