GLCC story in the October Cruising World magazine

Bill Matley - September 24, 2013

Look for a copy of the October, Cruising World magazine (page 66) to read a terrific story by Fred & Jennifer Bagley on board (Catamount) covering a trip into the Georgian Bay's "uncharted waters" with Ron & Jo Dwelle  on (Annwfn) and Jim & Bobbie Wooll on board their boat (Reverie).

The article has wonderful pictures and compelling adventure that all of us appreciate when entering these beautiful and dangerous waters.

Bill Matley


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We're relatively new to Lake Huron so we've never ventured "off the charts". I've been thinking of the discussion mentioned in the article as to whether data on these "white areas" should be distributed. I think not. The population of the earth has doubled during our lives. There is little that has not been explored and mapped. Let's leave some areas that are difficult to experience. I can't sail with Magellan.

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I read the article and emailed Fred Bagley to let him know that many Cruising Club members had contributed to the harbor reports for the areas of the story. His reply was that he knew this but giving credit to too many people would complicate the story so he laid most of it on me.

If you feel slighted by Fred story I hope you will forgive Fred as it really is great publicity for the Club.