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GLCC Port Captains & Membership

Authored by Cindy Badley
July 8, 2021

Hello All GLCC Members,

Many times We are asked about the benefits to join the Great Lakes Cruising Club & our Port Captain program is just one of the many reasons to become or even to be a GLCC member. This is a recent excellent example of the Port Captain program that demonstrates why GLCC membership is so valuable. 

June 15, 2021

We were heading north out of Saginaw Bay when the weather shifted -not in the predictions. We were seeing 27 knots on the nose and we popped a batten in our main sail so we had to lower it. We were also taking on water due to a leaky shaft seal. Needless to say we started to look for shelter. Au Gres was the next possible port, but they no longer have regular transient dockage. We called Elizabeth Hickey, the GLCC Port Captain and left a message asking for advice and advising her of our intentions to enter the Au Gres River. She called us back and said to lay alongside of the gas dock and she would call ahead and appraise them of our situation. When we got there, the dock attendant also told us that Elizabeth had offered us her slip for the night since her boat was not yet in.  It ended up that we didn’t stay because the winds died and we repaired the batten and decided to continue on to Tawas. 

Elizabeth represented the best that a Port Captain can be.  She helped us out both physically and mentally when we were exhausted.

Thank you, Elizabeth Hickey! 

Cheryl Cheger-Timm, Fleet Captain, and Larry Timm. Meretricious