Getting ready to jump across the pond

gbowdish - May 5, 2010

The ARC Europe departs from Tortola, BVI on May 6. Barry and I are crewing on Splendido, owned by our friend Michael. A fourth crew member, Janie, joined us today for the first leg to Bermuda. In Bermuda we will be joined by Nate and Amy for the trip across the pond departing on May 19. We'll cruise the Azores for a week then arrive in Lagos, Portugal around June 18. We'll be updating the log while underway on the ARC Europe web site, and will have a satellite tracker on board. You can follow our trip at

After a last-minute grocery run for fresh produce this morning, we have finished provisioning the boat.  Barry has been cooking for the past three days, so now our freezer is well-stocked with pre-cooked meals for easier preparation underway.  We are hoping to catch a few fish along the way to supplement our food supply, but I really think we are pretty well-stocked for the entire trip.  We have a watermaker on board, and extra diesel in jerry cans on deck, so we are prepared for our longest passage of about two weeks.  Of course, we are hoping for plenty of wind (not too much!) so that we can sail most of the way.  The forecast for the first leg suggests we'll have a close reach or beam reach for at least the first three days.  My jobs on the boat are navigator and medical officer.  I am hoping to use the former skills and not the latter.  Now I'm heading over to the skipper's meeting with Michael.  We are definitely ready for tomorrow's noon start.  Bermuda, here we come!