Foundation Helps Sea Cadets Stay Afloat

Cindy - September 19, 2017

The crew of the Pride of Michigan, which includes 30 Sea Cadets and Captain Luke Clyburn, are grateful to the Great Lakes Foundation for a $5000 grant. The grant will help replace the 25-year-old inflatable, which functions as the support vessel for their many dives into the Great Lakes to help train the sea cadets as the Great Lakes are explored. The Pride of Michigan will proudly be flying the Great Lakes Cruising Club burgee throughout all her cruising on the Great Lakes. Captain Luke and the crew of the Pride of Michigan welcome your visit whenever you see them in any Great Lakes port. 

The Noble Odyssey Foundation has been working for 40 years toward advancing public knowledge of the Great Lakes through seagoing education and research projects, while training the Sea Cadets. In 2017, along with a team of archaeologists, historians and divers, they have investigated shipwrecks in the shallow coastal waters of Lake Huron between Port Austin and Port Huron, Michigan. They will collect information that will be published on their website:, and they will provide information on how to locate the wrecks from harbors and launch sites along the Lake Huron shoreline.