Fayette Harbor closed?

kbudd - April 4, 2014

Does anyone know if the entire harbor is closed or just the docks. Can you still anchor there? We are going to cruise northern Lake Michigan this coming summer and that was going to be one of our more anticipated stops.

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I spoke with Randy Brown, the Fayette State Park manager this afternoon. There had been plans to rebuild the Fayette docks this spring, but those plans are suspended. The marina will be open for boats, once the ice is out, as it has been in past years, no reservations, no electricity, a long floating dock which may require rafting off to accommodate all the visiting boats, etc. So, please make your cruising plans to come and visit the beautiful Fayette Park.

The current funding has reduced the scale of the proposed project for 2015 to focus on safety items. This is planned to include rebuilding the long floating dock, and adding electric service at the dock. The electric service will eliminate the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which has been a significant concern from the use of engines and generators in close quarters by boats at the dock. The design of marina shore power systems is also under review to comply with the revised electrical codes to eliminate Electrical Shock Drowning, for the new installation. See a new GLCC topic for details.

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I called the Michigan DNR and the person I talked to said it was opening as usual and she didn't know anything about any plans for closing.

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I was told by a person who lives near the park that the DNR has postponed their plans.

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I was under the impression that the docks were going to be rebuilt this summer and there would be no place to dock. You might be able to anchor but it might be exposed to the west. However looking at the Michigan DNR web site, I don't see anything about it. You might want to contact the Michigan DNR or the State Park. The park opens May 10.