Erie Port Captain

rbarzyk - August 5, 2019


Membership in the GLCC certainly has it's value,  and here's a sterling example of WHY, it's our outstanding Port Captain program. On our recent trip circumnavigating Lake Erie, while at the docks at Port Dover Yacht Club, I received notice of a funeral, that I would need to attend. I  immediately planned for  our return to the states, and expecting to land @ Erie,PA. I contacted Erie Port Captain, Jim Willet, who  immediately he jumped  into "action, " to coordinate our arrival. Jim's home club is the Commodore Perry Yacht Club. Before I knew it, his club's Dockmaster & Rear Commodore  were also involved, preparing for our needs & dock assignemnt. They were even willing to assist with my car rental. All the while,  Jim was also preparing for his departure to Florida, the following morning!  I am very grateful to Jim & his home club for their un-divided attention in my time of need.  What a comfortable feeling,  receiving all this help, just by calling a Port Captain. I  Thank Port Captain, Jim Willet, and the  Commodore Perry Yacht Club, for ALL their help, in my time of need. Jim, you are a credit to our program. 

Rich Barzyk, Commodore