Dry Ice

petergriffin - July 29, 2019

Does anyone know if dry ice is available in the North Channel or in Georgian Bay?



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Thanks for the comments. We have been through the NC & GB a few times and never could find any but wanted to see if anyone else may know of a location. We use a Yetti type cooler with dry ice from our home town to keep some food frozen but after about a week it all melts so was hoping to restock along the way. We will make do as we have done in the past.


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I think for certain it’s a lost cause near the wilderness areas. Ice in cubes or blocks is the only practical option. Get a yeti or maybe you have one if you need capacity in excess of your refrigeration. We don’t have one. Our refrigeration including frozen section gives us several days of capacity away from the dock (where we belong) before we begin to think about re-provisioning. My wife is an excellent cook which includes common sense planning. It’s worked well these last 25 years. Hope it works for you.

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I’m not aware of anyone who uses dry ice nor am I aware of anywhere it can be secured. I’m sure an internet search would show it’s available inland in large centres like Midland, Owen Sound or Parry Sound but I’ve never heard of it being available at places like Little Current, Gore Bay, Killarney or Spanish in the North Channel.
Hopefully others can give you a more positive answer.