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Great Lakes water levels forecasted to set new records

Authored by Joann Mead
February 15, 2020

The water levels in the Great Lakes continue to rise.  The forecasted water levels as of Feb. 14, 2020 for all lakes except Lake Ontario is equal to or higher than previous record highs. See the weekly bulletin from the Army Corp of Engineers (note this will change each week) and the monthly forecast.

The rising water levels are naturally causing issue for those near the shore lines.  See this Weather Channel video about rising water levels near Traverse City, MI.  Another video shows the shoreline erosion on Lake Michigan. This graphic from ABC12 in Flint, MI tells the story. The Army Corp of Engineers has also posted their 2019 Annual Summary.


Regarding Roy Eaton's comment - as we all know, tying up to the wall in Little Current is not just a parking issue, it is the primary fuel and pumpout facility for cruisers in the area. I certainly hope the city and/or the fuel concessioner are making arrangements to add risers or take some other steps to be able to service cruisers when the water is over the concrete!


I attended the Cruisers Net lunchen in Punta Gorda last week. Roy Eaton, showed a photograph of the water level at the shore of Little Current docks. The water was at the top of the concrete wall and the wind had washed the water over the breakwall and was under the wooden walks.
Roy, said the city is very concerned and MAY not allow tieing up to the wall this summer.

A situation that needs to be followed closely.