Coming Up in GLCCSchool: Thunderstorm Primer/Creating Your Own Marine Weather Forecast

dancline - March 17, 2020

This Webinar was held live on Tuesday, March 17, at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central. It is now available for recording registration. 

In this final class in our series of four Great Lakes marine weather webinars, meteorologist Mark Thornton explores in depth the most common severe weather phenomenon on the Great Lakes, thunderstorms, and then covers how to start building your own marine weather forecasts. First we will discuss the types of thunderstorms and the dynamics that lead to their formation. You'll learn to use readily available Internet forecasting resources to dramatically reduce your chances of a hair-raising encounter. Then we will introduce a daily forecasting routine using a variety of readily available on-line forecasting resources such that you can better assemble and understand the likely conditions you'll be encountering as you head beyond the confines of your marina. Be sure to see Thunderstorm Primer/Creating Your Own Marine Forecast. Click here for more information and to register for class.