Coast Guard Experimenting with AIS-Based Navigation Buoys

Bill Rohde - August 6, 2015

The US Coast Guard has recently been experimenting with both synthetic electronic buoys (buoys which locate an AIS signal on a physical buoy) as well as totally virtual buoys (AIS-visible buoys where no physical buoys exist). BoatUS recently posted an article describing this experiment (click BoatUS e-AToN Article).  The Technology Web Site Panbo, sponsored by PMY, Soundings, Sail, and PassageMaker magazines, also has an informative post with more information about these new proposed electronic aids to navigation (click Panbo e-AToN Article). 

How much do you know about these new technologies? Would you use them if they were available in your cruising area?  Weigh in with your comments either here on this forum or on the GLCC Facebook Page which features a similar post on this USCG iniative.

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While it is still the dead of winter, I was starting to review the LNM again, and I noted a reference to the deployment of many e-AtoN's on the Great Lakes, I was doing some browsing and found this link that might be of interest to some of our members, it gives a good overview of what you will see on your charts and chart plotters.

Note, the picture in the link is an as is state from Dec 2015.

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These new e-AtoN's are fantastic, most showing some 40 miles away. On the great lakes, the only one I have seen is the Black Rock Lock in Buffalo, but I used many on the Chesapeake and the Hudson. They are wonderful in the fog, confirming the Racon blips, I look forward to seeing many more.