Caribou moved off Michipicoten Island

Joann Mead - January 20, 2018

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have moved caribou off of Michipicoten Island to the Slate Islands in order to keep the population from being decimated by wolves.  Wolves crossed ice bridges in 2013 thru 2015 and since then the caribou population has dwindled from 450 to less than 30.  It is hoped that the caribou will be able to survive in the Slates where the wolves have moved on.  See several articles:

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Dwindling caribou population being moved off Michipicoten Island — by air

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It appears the Ministry is a little late to the "party", the wolves have already killed over 90% of the herd. If that is not decimated I don't know what is. Wolves are killers of opportunity. They are predators and kill when the opportunity presents itself, whether they need the "food" or not. The sight of a deer being eaten while still alive, just moments after being taken down by a pack of wolves is bone chilling and hard to forget. When the pray is gone wolves move on to their next "killing field". Humans are the only predator wolves have. The wolves should have been "removed" from the island when they first got there and the caribou herd would have remained intact.