Boating & US/Canada Border Regulations

Jean Chapdelaine - September 29, 2016

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS for Boats in the U.S. & Canada

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Canada Border Services Agency

In 2013, it appeared that CanBSA had escalated the reporting requirements for private boats operating in the vicinity of the Canada US border. However, in a conversation with a CanBSA representative, we were informed that the body of the current Canadian Regulations have actually been on the books for several years. Recent modifications have been made, such as the ability to use a cell phone to report in, making it more reasonable to expect compliance with these regulations. The current effort at educating the boating public is an attempt to “promote compliance”.

Be aware Customs considers all water vehicles to be governed by these regulations. This includes vessels such as Sea Dos, Kayaks and fishing boats.

Click here to see the full report and all the information you will need when crossing the border.

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The click "here" link from the form will take you to the GLCC report on Border Regulations and is working (as of 10/4/2016).

The link will take you to the CBSA page on Reporting requirements and is the same link that is referenced in the GLCC article.

Note: All of the links in the article were updated as of Sept 2016. Border agencies on both sides of the border have made significant updates and improvements to there web sites.