Beaver Island to Door County

dreinhart - July 10, 2019

Lake Michigan:  Does anyone have a suggestion for a route from Mackinaw City to Door County?  In particular, from Beaver Isl. to Door County?  We are a sailing vessel and do not wish to travel 100 plus miles in a day.  Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.  Dave



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Our usual northern route is Beaver I to Charboneau Bay (Garden Peninsula) to Detroit Harbor.
Our usual southern route is South Manitou to Detroit Harbor. From Beaver, we would likely go to Northport (or Cathead) then to S. Manitou.
We rarely use marinas, so these are all acceptable to excellent anchorages.
Check the Harbor Reports?

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In the Lake Michigan Harbor Reports section, suggest you read the following two reports in the "Lake Michigan Overview" section:
M-00 Lake Michigan Overview
M-00.1 Communications & Weather for Northern Lake Michigan

I would suggest checking with the Jackson Harbormaster before planning that destination in the next few weeks. Lake Michigan levels are at an all time high, with a possibility that the fixed height dock may be slightly awash. This results in difficulties keeping your fenders below the water, and may affect power on the dock. Jackson Harbor is a unique and delightful stop.

Anchoring off North or South Fox Island, or the Manitous also offers shorter distances in a given day. There are wide open expanses of good holding sand on the lee side of whatever wind is blowing for the night. The large scale charts show lots of possibilities.

Charlevoix is another option to Leland for an overnight, or South Fox and then Door County or the Garden Peninsula....Tucked in behind Pt Detour, in Sac Bay or on the SW corner of St. Martin in a north wind offers good holding and protection. In a south wind, Sand Bay just south of Fayette, or east of Snake Island just north of Fayette, Jackson Harbor, or Washington Harbor offer good anchoring options.

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It is about 80 miles from Beaver Island to Jackson Harbor on Washington Island right near the border between Wisconsin and the UP.

If you go from Beaver Island to Leeland (Around 40 miles) then Leeland to Jackson Harbor (60 miles) you can break it up a bit.