Any experience with the AnchorRescue product?

Adena-Marilyn - February 1, 2017

Has anyone had experience with the AnchorRescue product?

We prefer to not use the simpler anchor marker/float with a tripline, due to a variety of factors well summarized:

Thanks in advance, Marilyn

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I'm getting away from things that could break. No more swivels and not any fancy hardware. I do use a trip line. I have a block on the bottom of the float to give me a 2:1 purchase on the 3 lb weight. I have about 40' of 1/4" line, so in anything above 20 feet it is directly over the anchor, water levels lower than that, it might be drift a little away from the anchor., however, as it is connected to the anchor and the weight there is little line to foul my boat or another's boat.

My thoughts.

Lou Bruska

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No experience with the product but: On paper I like it a lot. And if you hooked a cable on a clean sand bottom it should work beautifully. The trouble with most discussion of anchors/ anchoring is that real life rarely imitates the conditions discussed. For example, if the rode itself is fouled, the device would be useless but a trip line might still be useful; and in any case where this heavily engineered devise would work smoothly , a trip line also would work. On balance it is one of several hundred items that might be useful under the right circumstances but which I chose neither to invest in nor to lug around because the probability of encountering the need, in the right conditions, is remote.
Richard Miller
P.S. On the two occasions on which I attempted to free a fouled anchor by dropping a large shackle or loop of chain to attemp to drag the anchor out in lieu of a trip line, it absolutely did not work.