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Bill Rohde - February 27, 2020


Welcome to the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes Cruising Club School ( offers a variety of live internet-based webinars and webinar recordings on virtually all topics related to Great Lakes cruising plus sail and power cruising skills. These live webinars and recordings are availablefor viewing by GLCC members and non-members alike. Check out newly-opened upcoming live webinars, available webinar recordings, and planned future webinars on Registration is open for all listed upcoming open classes and recordings. If you aren't already among our hundreds of students, do check us out.

NOTE: GLCC members can receive tuition discounts. Click here for the GLCC School member Discount Code.

The web site is designed to work well on PCs, Macs, all browsers, tablets, and smart phones. Give it a try.

You don’t need to log on to browse, but we highly recommend you enroll in GLCCSchool if you haven’t already done so. Enrollment is free. Remember that even if you have a GLCC club-site user-id and password you will need to have a separate GLCCSchool user-id and password since GLCCSchool is open to all, GLCC members and non-members alike. For security reasons we do not share IDs and passwords between the two web sites.

If you’ve forgotten your GLCCSchool password simply click “forgot my password” to reset it. If you’ve forgotten your user-id we also accept the email address you provided when you previously enrolled.

Registering for Classes

To register for any live or recorded class, after logging in to the GLCCSchool site with your ID and password simply click on the course in which you'd like to enroll (click "Open Classes" or "Recordings" and browse the class tiles). Next click "Add to Cart"  for any webinar you wish to register for and you'll be taken to the registration form for that class. Similarly you can add additional webinars to your cart before checking out if you wish. After check-out you'll receive an email confirmation and information about how and when to view your live webinar or recording.

Member Discount Codes

We offer GLCC member-only discounts on all webinars. GLCC member discount codes can only be viewed if you have logged in to this GLCC site. After logging in, return to this page by clicking on the "GLCC School" button at the top of the page. You can then see the GLCC member discount codes by clicking here.

Note that USPS and CPS members can similarly obtain discount codes from their respective organization’s web sites … click GLCC Partners for more details.

Can't Make a Live Webinar?

Recordings of each live webinar are made available for viewing by registered students for approximately six weeks after the webinar, so if the live webinar conflicts with your schedule make sure to register anyway to view the live webinar recording at your convenience. Registrants who participate in the live session are also provided access to the webinar recording should they wish to view the session again. Instructor Q&A when viewing a recorded webinar is handled through email.

Registrations are Now Open! 

Several webinars are presently open for registration. Just Click to check them out!

See you in class soon!


dcbarnum's picture

Thank for the full explanation. I knew all this had been carefully thought out. Having this understanding helps me to better utilize this valuable resource.

Bill Rohde's picture

Thanks for your input, Dave.

In replying to your questions let me first provide a little background. Although internet services sometimes feel like they should be free, there actually are some significant expenses involved with GLCCSchool which the club needs to recover. For starters we have the expense of an annual contract for the Adobe services that support the broadcasting of live webinars and the archiving and viewing of webinar recordings. In addition the club spent a fair amount of money up front for development of the GLCCSchool web application, and continues accruing recurring expenses for web site maintenance and occasional enhancements. Finally, although our team of GLCCSchool Coordinators is made up exclusively of GLCC member-volunteers like me, we do pay speaker honorariums for developing and presenting the webinars (BTW - the honorariums don't come close to compensating for the time instructors put into developing and delivering their presentations). Plus we also incur office expenses and credit card processing expenses for handling class registrations. The end result is that our $20.00 webinar registration cost truly is a bargain, particularly when considering that we discount that to $15.00 for GLCC, USPS and CPS members.

Over the past 5 years we did experiment with varying prices a bit while still recovering our costs, and in the end found $20.00 to be our "sweet spot" attendance and cost/revenue wise.

Interestingly, the Seven Seas Cruising Association which runs a very similar program to ours initially set their webinar pricing at $20 like ours. They raised that to $25 a couple years ago, and now raised it again to $30 and, for some webinars, $35.00. We're continuing to try to hold our line at $20 before discount in light of price sensitivity while still covering club costs for the initiative. Pricing webinars at something like the $7.99 you suggest would most definitely result in an unsustainable loss for the club. Luckily we're still able to make the financials work with webinar pricing at only $15.00 after our typical $5.00 member registration discount.

Regarding why we periodically take webinar recordings down, we record each live webinar and make those recordings available to live webinar registrants plus allow people to register to view the recorded webinar at the same price we originally charged for the live event. That said, we also need to "close the books" on each webinar's financials within a reasonable time frame, which is usually 6-8 weeks after the live event. This allows the GLCC office to process instructor honorarium payments in a reasonable manner. Leaving webinar recordings up indefinitely results in significant extra office costs relative to paying instructor honorariums monthly or quarterly over a protracted period of time for each webinar rather than paying them once when the recording is closed for registration. Leaving webinars up indefinitely thus defeats our focus on cost control to keep registration costs low.

We've also found that our current process of hosting new webinars on a regular basis during the heart of our "school year" coupled with periodically rotating our recording offerings tends to peak ongoing interest in the school.

I hope the above provides a little more background on GLCCSchool operation and the rationale behind webinar pricing and recording rotation. Thanks so much for your interest in GLCCSchool. If you have further questions don't hesitate asking. And in the interim we hope to see you in class again soon.

Bill Rohde, Member, GLCC Board of Directors, and GLCCSchool Coordinator

dcbarnum's picture

I recently watched the free Webinar by Joann Mead which provided a tutorial on our GLCC website. I can say without question this has helped me enormously in navigating the site and using the harbor reports.

There are other Webinars that I would like to watch and I would like to know why they become unavailable or only be seen live.

One last comment, although $20 is not a lot money and in most cases these webinars are probably worth far more, it is enough of a cost barrier, at least for me, it gives pause if it is worth the time to watch. I wonder if we lowered the barrier to a more nominal amount under $10, or like say $7.99 that the revenue might be equal or even greater than the current cost of an Andrew Jackson.

David C. Barnum

Joann Mead's picture

You will need to register and pay on the website for the webinar (see recordings). Make sure you get the discount code from the GLCClub (see link to GLCCSchool) website first. Once you have registered, a link will be sent to you for viewing the webinar.

Sailmon's picture

I am interested in watching the Great American Loop webinar. Do I need to register for something or can I just go to an archives directory?
Thank you,

HDLE34's picture

I just registered for the webinar how to take advantage of GLCC member please tell me how i get to watch it!!!!!