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2021 Canadian border reopening

Authored by Jeff Wise
August 10, 2021

Does anyone have any current info on border crossing. After following all of the rules, getting the vaccine, getting tested, loading the new arrivecan app, A phone call confirmed that we could not cross into Sarnia. Closest point of entry was Trenton ont. On the east end of lake Ontario. No entry points in Lake Erie, huron or superior. Website which hasn't been updated in, I believe 18 months shows only 64 ports, none around here. 

    Please post any accurate first hand info.

      Jeff and Sandy.   "Northbound"

Sat, 09/04/2021 - 00:36


Bottom line it was easy and easier than crossing into Canada.  They’re plainly open for business at least at the Blue Water Bridge so I would expect elsewhere too, especially given that CBP there has a reputation of being one of the toughest Canadian border crossings around here.  I called CBP (at the Bridge) first as advised in the Roam app. The officer advised that Roam is buggy in that a check-in doesn’t always get thru and they often have trouble processing it. (I already knew that from 2019.)  He advised further to call them back if there wasn’t a timely response. That was exactly how it went for me.  But it was no sweat because the officer who processed my entry was quite agreeable.  There was no video interview.  He simply told me I was all set after I gave him some information that I had already entered into Roam.  The Roam app seemed stuck so I closed it.  I got the expected email confirmation.  So now I’m home after 7 great weeks in the North Channel and Georgian Bay.


It was great to see someone was able to make a successful border crossing at Sault Ste Marie. However, make sure you know before you go. The US recently extended their Temporary Travel Restrictions to September 21, 2021, so be sure to call first. A nearby US CBP officer advised us "don't go."

Our boat berths in western Lake Erie just 15 miles from the border. We'd love to make a late summer trip to Pelee Island, but that is on hold until 2022.

Sat, 08/28/2021 - 13:06


Regarding returning to the USA using the CBP Roam app, there’s a warning when first opened that travel is restricted because it’s considered non-essential.  And to call the nearest port of entry for more information.  This warning has been there for a few weeks at least.  You can dismiss the warning screen and get into roam.  So I am wondering, did the successful Roam user call before using the app?


We met a couple (both US citizens from Michigan) a few days ago that crossed at Sault Ste Marie on August 9. They had used the ArriveCan app, had all of the necessary documents and had a Covid negative test within the required timeframe. They crossed over to Bondar, put up their quarantine flag and called the number listed at Bondar for the CBSA. The officers came down within 30 minutes, reviewed their documents for another 30 minutes and cleared them in.

They just crossed back into the US at Mackinac Island, entered the required information into the ROAM app and were granted re-entry within 3 minutes. 

I had asked them to keep me updated in regards to their return - sounds like it was quite easy. But then, we all know it depends upon where you are, who you get to review your information, etc.


I signed up at the arriveCAN apt, very confusing.  I know the covid vaccine in required, done, but unclear if a covid negative test is required.  It's all so very confusing.  Like Alan I've bought the DTOPS sticker last two years.  Until I hear from others have crossed without problems, will not go myself.  Just don't want to deal with it till they know what's going on.  Having said that still hope to do a short cruise to Port Dover late in the season.



From conversations, Our Opinion is that WAIT, UNTIL NEXT YEAR,!

Even though we have bought DTOPS stickers for the last 2 years, without being able to use them,

I would worry, after conversations with LEO, about our boat being seized or being fined.

To Us it is not worth it, Too many other places to go.

just MHO




For what it is worth --- Be sure to also talk to the US CBP about entry or re-entry into the US. My conversation with a CBP officer put on hold our plans to go visit our friends in Canada.  It will take a while for this to sort itself out.