2020 Toronto International Boat Show - another successful year for the GLCC!

esunstrum - January 31, 2020

The GLCC recruited at least 15 new members during the 2020 Toronto International Boat Show (TIBS) which ran from January 17-26th!! Many interested persons visited the GLCC Booth at the show and we expect seveal more to register before the close of the "new member promotion" which expires at the end of February.

The success at the TIBS can be attributed to the outstanding efforts of the 30 GLCC members of the "GLCC TIBS Volunteer Team" listed below:

Bill Ayre, Helen Ayre, David Brace, Harald Braun, Kathryn Braun, Joan Brennan, Mary Brennan, Michael Cane, Alan Chesworth, Wendy Chesworth, Nancy Dudgeon, Scott Dudgeon, J.E. Fordyce, Don Knap, Susan Knap, Alex Letchford, Alexa Liddell, Bill McNaughton, Mary Micket, Wes Micket, Brenda Reineke, Steve Reineke, Ian Shaw, Matt Snell, David Spencer, Kathy Spencer, Paul Strub, Cynthia Sunstrum, Eric Sunstrum, Robert Wightman.

The "Team" included members who have volunteered at the show for more than ten years; members who volunteered for the first time this year, members who only recently joined the GLCC; and, members who travelled fair distances to work at the show.  Many volunteer to assist the Club in other ways as Port Captains, event organizers, etc. Each gave up their time and incurred personal expenses to assist the Club. We thank them all for their contribution!!

Planning for next year's boat show is already underway!  If you are interested in joining our Team, contact Cynthia Sunstrum at cynthiasunstrum@gmail.com or 613 793 4984.  "It takes a village" and it is lots of fun - plus you get a free pass to the boat show! :)  We are also looking for someone who resides in Toronto to join our team to help provide booth support to our volunteers over the course of the 10-day show. For more information, contact Cynthia.