2019 Trailer Boaters' Rally

Cindy - July 9, 2019

         A day in charming East Tawas / Tawas Bay, Mich. (H-63) is the epitome of a perfect summer day. This compact little town has everything you would want for the weekend within a two block walk. Remember, you’ll be on the sunrise side of Michigan, and watching the sun rise here is a delight. Cost for the event: Adults & Children age 15 & older: $55 USD / Children age 5 up to 15: $35 USD / Children age 0 up to 5: FREE.
Treat yourself and your family to a genuine laid back summer weekend in a small town full of quaint gift stores, relaxing restaurants, old fashioned candy stores and ice cream parlors. Marion’s Ice Cream Parlor has been a staple of this summer vacation destination since 1945! The Ben Franklin is another staple to this town and worth the visit. East Tawas even has a small movie theater within walking distance from your boat.
     If you enjoy walking as an exercise, you could get your mile or two in just by never leaving the docks! East Tawas State docks stretch far into Tawas Bay. With relaxing summer sights, the sun glistening across the bay and an array of boats to view, it’s sure to be a great getaway! You could extend your walk by simply stepping off the docks onto a long, fantastic sandy beach. Other favorite sights and sounds here are splashes from swimmers having a great time and glowing campfires in the campgrounds along the beach. Still more walking is available from the beach by stepping onto the paved sidewalk that will take you along Tawas Bay toward the City of Tawas and its many bay side parks.
     Our planned schedule for the weekend includes a Friday night meet-and-greet on the docks. Various choices of pizza will be served along with a salad/dessert pot luck. This is a relaxing way to meet each other after traveling, launching and securing your boat in the harbor.
     A fun and light hearted Saturday event is a sand-building contest with some local judges lined up to happily award some pertinent gifts from East Tawas. 
     We have the pavilion reserved at the foot of the East Tawas State docks all day Saturday. Feel free to use it any time. Maybe challenge your fellow Rally attendees to a game of cards! The beach or the park grass is a perfect place for Frisbee throwing or kite flying.
     Saturday night we will enjoy a grilled steak meal under the pavilion. If you have young children, they will love the outdoor play set here.
     On Sunday, we will car pool to the AuSable River Queen Paddlewheel boat for a two hour tour of some amazing nature and deep woods scenery. On your way to the boat, you’ll be passing through a portion of the River Road National Forest Scenic Byway. After the boat tour, consider taking more of the byway a couple miles to the west to see The Lumberman’s Monument, sand dunes and some amazing scenic overlooks of the forest and river.
     GLCC members who are cruising past East Tawas this time of the year, please consider stopping and joining us! Please click here for more info, agenda, etc.

Click HERE to register online / Click HERE for a printable registration form (No refunds after 8/2/19)