For Sale: Charts for the St. Lawrence & Canadian Atlantic Maritimes

Pearsonskipper - March 19, 2012

If you've decided that this is your year to head south, I have all of the charts for the St. Lawrence from the mouth to the Richeleau River. I also have all the PEI charts, and most of the New Brunswick & Nova Scotia charts, as well as the guidebooks for these areas. Most are used once, some have never been used, a few I bought used. The charts, new from the Canadian govt, are $20 each. If you just want a few, I'm asking $5 each; if you want them all, let's talk. I'm sure you know that even in an age of electronic charts, it's good practice to have paper charts as backup :-).

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Yup, they're gone.

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I think these are taken; I will remove the post once I'm sure.