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Lake Superior Dinner to Feature Famous Sailors

JensenNR - October 21, 2009

Roger Swanson and Gaynelle Templin are among the World’s most accomplished and celebrated sailors. Their 215,000 miles of voyaging include several cirumnavigations and a successful 2007 Northwest Passage crossing. They will speak at the GLCC Lake Superior Mid-Winter Dinner on January 16. For details, please click HERE.

Ohio Atty General to Appeal Court Decision on Lake Erie waterfront land ownership

Larry_Truthan - October 19, 2009

Ohio Attorney General to appeal court decision on Lake Erie waterfront land rights. 

The state modified land  boundaries based  on the waterline. Whether  waterline was set high, or low, changed your lotsize. There used to be some implied access priviledge, granting access to public water. (Fisher persons could be within 15(?) feet of waterline)  Marina  operators  and  boat  house owners  were also advised to seek submerged land leases for land they already occupied.  They  sued to get  their "land" back.

Congress targets Asian carp problem

ljmccormick - October 19, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate voted Thursday to provide $6 million for continuing efforts to thwart the Asian carp from penetrating the Great Lakes in what environmentalists fear would destroy much of the existing wildlife in the world's largest surface freshwater resource. More here.

Nature Conservancy Buys Wilson Island Group

JensenNR - October 18, 2009

A group of eight Lake Superior islands, totaling more than 4,700 acres, will be protected under a recent $7 million bi-national purchase by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and the Nature Conservancy. The Government of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources provided financial support to make it possible.