Today is December 17, 2017

Lake Superior Rally Another Success

JensenNR - August 18, 2009

16 boats and several cars attended the Lake Superior Rally, August 7, through Sunday, August 9, at the friendly Madeline Island Yacht Club (MIYC), La Pointe, WI, which went out of its way to welcome our group. Some GLCC members arrived from extended cruising in the wilderness of the Canadian North Shore and Isle Royale. For a full report about the event, please click here.


Administration Looking to Address Great Lakes Water Quality Issues

Bill Rohde - July 18, 2009

A recent MSNBC video report, "The World's Largest Fresh Water Resource Under Siege" ( provides an excellent summary on the state of Great Lakes water resources and the Administration's $475M plan to more aggressively address the area's water quality issues.  Immediately after this 2-minute 40-second video a 2 1/2-minute report on Great Lakes water quality research and student awareness training follows.