Today is August 28, 2015

GLCCSchool Announces Upcoming School Year

Bill Rohde - September 16, 2014

In preparation for the new school year starting in November, upcoming/new 2014 classes have now been posted on the web site, plus an associated news release was issued to over 240 North American boating publications and organizations. You can help get the word out by clicking the news release and copying and pasting it (or simply copying the URL) into a personal email to your own yacht club webmaster or newsletter editor, asking them to share it with their readers.

We look forward to seeing you in class this upcoming school year.

"The Islands and Bays Are For Sportsmen"

Bruska - September 15, 2014

So sang Gordon Lightfoot.  It is true the Great Lakes are blessed, each lake has islands and bays beckoning the boater.  Some are quite compact, while others sprawling, but in all cases they offer places to anchor and explore.  Lake Ontario has it own island area, the Bay of Quinte in the east end.  This month we explore that calm and sheltered locale through the 1955 Harbour Report,.  The old photos and hand annotated charts are worth a peek.  Click HERE to view the old report and as usual check out the current

Are You Heading to Lake Ontario?

Bruska - August 27, 2014

As we continue our journey through the Great Lakes via vintage Harbor Reports, it’s time to visit the gateway to Lake Ontario and the Southern Terminus of the Welland Canal, Port Colborne.  The old report E-25 Port Colborne was a mere 4 pages long.  We now have three reports to cover the same ground: E-25 Port Colborne, E-25.5 Welland Cana and O-10 Port Weller.  Click HERE to visit the 1950 report and as usual check out the other three report listed above.

Onward to Ontario

Bruska - July 21, 2014

If you're headed to Lake Ontario there are two canals to get you there.  This month's look back is about the Welland canal.  As is always the case with these vintage reports, it is interesting and informative.  Note the old photos, they speak well of the long history of the canal.  Please click HERE for the old report and then visit the current one.