Today is December 19, 2014

2014 Wilderness Rally

Cindy - May 21, 2014

The 2014 Wilderness Rally is planned for Monday, July 28, through Thursday, July 31 at Turnbull Island (NC-55). The Rally is returning to this scenic North Channel anchorage because it is large enough to handle the increasing popularity of this event. Additionally, there is an alternative location close by should the wind direction make Turnbull Island anchorage too uncomfortable. Click here for more information and registration.

A Canadian Town Then And Now

Bruska - May 15, 2014

This month we continue our journey Southward through the Great Lakes.  We are stopping at a busy commercial harbor on the western side of the Bruce Peninsula. In 1950, our Harbor Report was very sparse.  A visiting boater would have little reason to visit, except to rest and buy necessities.  Today’s report is more comprehensive with ample reason to visit.  Please click on the vintage Goderich report, then as usual compare it to the latest edition.

On the way to Leamington

Joann Mead - July 14, 2014

If you’ll be traveling to the Leamington Rendezvous this summer from a port above Lake Erie you’d be well advised to read harbor report D-0 for information on traversing the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.There you’ll find details of not only the 25 ports and anchorages along the way but also critical advice on applicable charts, currents, ferry crossings, unique aids to navigation, speed restrictions, international border issues and more.Be sure to also read the harbor reports of some of the more significant individual ports in the area to learn of special treatment of GLCC members, such as in Port Huron and Sarnia.Then, of course, there’s the newly updated report on Leamington itself, where all the fun begins on 13 July.

Two Tubs at the Top of Bruce Pennisula

Bruska - April 15, 2014

Having left the North Channel, this month we find ourselves in Tobermory.  The 1951 report for the gateway to lower Georgian Bay is rather sparse, it does, however, get you there.  We are blessed with a much fuller picture of the town and its amenities in the Club's current edition.  Please click here to view the old report, then visit the current report.

NOAA announces paper nautical charts are here to stay.

Joann Mead - April 14, 2014

It won't be long before mariners and the boating public will have a wider choice of options and special services when they purchase NOAA paper nautical charts, thanks to NOAA's expanded "print-on-demand" chart production and distribution system, Coast Survey officials announced April 4, 2014. Coast Survey recently certified new print-on-demand chart printing agents, and gave them the flexibility to offer different color palettes, various papers, a cleaner margin, and a range of services.

To read more about this new service click here.