Today is August 23, 2014

Baie Fine, the Pool and the Rocks

Bruska - March 19, 2014

I’m often asked, if I been to the North Channel. I say yes, and the next question is have I been to Baie Fine? Again, I answer in the affirmative. Even non-boaters are intrigued by the place. It’s been said the rocks don’t move. The trick is: to know where they are. The information in 1949 was a little sketchy, but thanks to hundreds, maybe thousands, of cruises by our members things are a little clearer now. The rocks and the Pool are still there, but our report makes it a little safer to venture in. Enjoy the look back in time to the Club’s 1949 report (Click here), and then check out the current report, NC-83, for the latest.

Watch the Great Lakes Freeze Over

Cindy - February 27, 2014

Time lapse satellite imagery shows the Great Lakes icing over in one of the coldest winters in memory.

Have you ever had the time or the bird's eye view of a lake as it freezes? We all know it's been unusually cold this season. Click here to see what's been happening in our Great Lakes and read the article by Bryan Walsh from the Science & Space section in TIME's web magazine.

2014 March Lifeline Now Available

Cindy - February 27, 2014

This anniversary issue has updated program information about the 2014 Rendezvous at Leamington, ON; many other summer events; updates from winter gatherings; boating information you can use in preparation for summer cruising; as well as boat show reports. Information & registration forms for upcoming events are available via the Events page. Click HERE to read the latest issue of the Lifeline.

Her Diamond featured in Good Old Boat Magazine

Joann Mead - February 9, 2014

Her Diamond, a 1991 Freedom 38 sailed by recent members Bob and Sheila Allenick, is the featured boat in the January, 2014 issue of Good Old Boat.  Currently they cruise the Great Lakes but hope to head to bigger waters down the East Coast and Caribbean when they retire.  If you have a subscription to GOB be sure to check out the article or pick up a copy.  They plan to be at the Leamington Rendezvous where they will be glad to show her off.