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2016 Rendezvous Happenings

Bill Rohde - July 24, 2016

The 2016 GLCC Rendezvous in Superior, Wisconsin, on western Lake Superior, wrapped up on Wednesday July 20th. What a fun-filled Rendezvous it was! For a recap of some of the Rendezvous events, including pictures of selected Rendezvous highlights, check out the several GLCC Facebook Page Rendezvous posts at

2016 GLCC 1st Annual Trailer Boaters' Rally

Cindy - July 20, 2016

Boaters with the capability of loading their boats on a trailer, and hitching the trailer to a car or SUV, can tow their boat a long distance to re-launch. This summer many will be headed for White Lake, Michigan (M-21) for the first annual GLCC Trailer Boaters' Rally, to be held August 12–14, 2016. Once there, they will find what an awesome destination White Lake can be. Please click here for the full story.

2016 Wilderness Rally

Cindy - July 6, 2016

The GLCC 2016 Wilderness Rally will be held August 3-6, 2016 in Harbor Island (NC-2)

This year the GLCC Wilderness Rally will travel to the far western end of the North Channel, to Potagannissing Bay (pah-tah-guh-NEES-ing) picturesque Harbor Island (NC-2). The island is a National Wildlife Refuge and totals 695 acres. It is a horseshoe-shaped island which provides excellent protection from most winds. Please click here to read more.