Today is April 19, 2014

Two Tubs at the Top of Bruce Pennisula

Bruska - April 15, 2014

Having left the North Channel, this month we find ourselves in Tobermory.  The 1951 report for the gateway to lower Georgian Bay is rather sparse, it does, however, get you there.  We are blessed with a much fuller picture of the town and its amenities in the Club's current edition.  Please click here to view the old report, then visit the current report.

NOAA announces paper nautical charts are here to stay.

Joann Mead - April 14, 2014

It won't be long before mariners and the boating public will have a wider choice of options and special services when they purchase NOAA paper nautical charts, thanks to NOAA's expanded "print-on-demand" chart production and distribution system, Coast Survey officials announced April 4, 2014. Coast Survey recently certified new print-on-demand chart printing agents, and gave them the flexibility to offer different color palettes, various papers, a cleaner margin, and a range of services.

To read more about this new service click here.

Next in GLCCSchool: Cruising the Chicago-Mac Race!

dancline - April 19, 2014

Really a cruiser but curious about racing?  Wonder what is required to participate in a world class sailboat race?  Find out on Tuesday, May 6, when Chicago Yacht Club experts David Hughes and Sarah Renz answer these and much more in their webinar, Chicago-Mac: In the Cruising DivisionThis webinar takes you through the factors to consider as you decide whether this is the race for you, your boat and crew.  Then learn about the details of entering including safety requirements, fees, instructions, insurance, equipment, documentation and crew preparation.