Member Spotlight - Matt Cook & Walter Grabowski

Jean Chapdelaine - May 23, 2017

Great Lakes Cruising Club Member Spotlight - Matthew Cook & Walt Grabowski   

GLCC members Matthew Cook and Walt Grabowski, are out on Lake Huron this month conducting an underwater inspection of the water intake. The sixteen foot wide, six mile long tunnel has a capacity of 400 million gallons a day, and was the site of one of the worst construction accidents in Michigan history. (

The project will involve multiple remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection tools and  capture images and sonar data about the condition of the intake tunnel.

Matthew’s company, SeaView Systems of Dexter Michigan, was founded on experience in the world of maritime electronics and remotely operated vehicles, with skill sets covering ROV operations and high end underwater surveys including the use of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for geo-referencing and 3D sonar & laser modeling.

Matthew and Walt met each other through membership in the GLCC, and dock their respective sailboats the Australis and Velissa at Toledo Beach Marina in LaSalle Michigan. Walt and his spouse Sharon are the GLCC Port Captain’s for Toledo Beach Marina. 

Top Picture: The ROV going over the side into Lake Huron

Bottom Picture:  SeaView Team Members (left to right) Ingrid Crouse, Matthew Cook, Walt Grabowski, Geoff Cook.