Mastervolt Battery Mate

Ron Matuska - June 5, 2016

Battery Mate 1602 IG for two battery banks,

 While battery isolators are conventional diode splitters, the Battery Mate's technology is electronic and includes mosfets (transistors). Its components compensate for the voltage drop and ensure that charging continues at the right voltage level, even with several battery banks.

 The Battery Mate is compatible with any type of alternator/battery charger, in both existing and new systems. As the voltage loss between the alternator and battery is negligible, the Battery Mate performs far better than conventional battery isolators. This ensures fast and complete charging of your batteries without having to make additional adjustments to the alternator.

 Number of battery outlets - 2

  Technical specifications

 Max. output battery charger - 120 A
 Max. output alternator - 160 A