Mackinac Race Tragedy Report

dweller - November 11, 2011

 Sail World magazine has published a report on the capsize of the the vessel Wing Nuts, in the Mackinac Race last July. Two people died and six crew members were rescued. The magazine report includes parts of the official report by the Charlevoix County Sherrif. The magazine article is available here. Sail Magazine also has an article here...

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Jim Wooll ( demonstated an external GPS attachment to his iPAD 1 at the Rendezvous. I believe it was made specifically for the iPAD. Contact him for more information.

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As far as I know, all the nav apps for iPads depend partly on the built-in GPS, which the wi-fi-only iPad does not have. You may be able to view charts using these apps, without the full functionality, but I'm not sure.

The two nav apps that I've used are iNavX and Charts & Tides by Navmatics. Info on both is available on the iPads App Store. You do have to buy the Canadian charts (the US are included free) and the apps themselves are not cheap. iNavX uses the actual CHS charts (which I like), and Charts & Tides uses charts that look different, maybe like Navionics or Garmin???

Others may have more experience--I have used only the 3G iPad with built in GPS.


Ron Dwelle

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Does anyone have a recommendation or has seen a recommendation for chart apps that can be loaded on an iPad 2? In particular, good navigation charts for the North Channel.

I don't need to track the course and speed of the boat on the iPad 2. I have a GPS with chart ware on it. The iPad 2 is Wi-Fi only, anyway.

Your advice and experience are appreciated.