He's a Looper, she's a Looper, could you be a Looper, too?

SailingKelly - April 3, 2011

Learn from 6,000 mile Looper, David Allen, when he presents “North America’s Great Loop” on Wednesday, March 30 at 8:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Central.  This is the once in a lifetime cruise that will you will always remember and your only regret will be not having taken more time to complete the trip. 

The possible variations are huge as you consider the actual route to take and which of the many side trips you choose to include.  For choice of boat, timing of your trip, preparations needed, lessons learned and sample itineraries, David will guide you through it all!  

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While you're on the GLCCSchool website be sure to review the entire calendar of upcoming webinars: “Preparing for Your First Great Lakes Cruise” by Jim Morrin (cruiser of thirty plus years), Net Founder Roy Eaton's “Little Current Cruiser's Net - Your Daily North Channel Lifeline”, and “Cruising Lake Huron's North Channel and Northern Georgian Bay”, an encore presentation by Jim Wooll.

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