GLCC Partners with Cruising Club of America

Bill Rohde - October 8, 2015

The GLCC  has announced a new collaboration with the Cruising Club of America (CCA) to help make the CCA’s “Safety for Cruising Couples” seminar more widely and very affordably available over the internet. A news release announcing this collaboration was sent to 54 Publications, 101 US Yacht Clubs and 84 Canadian Yacht Clubs as part of the larger announcement on the start of GLCCSchool’s 2015-16 school year this coming November.

To read the news release click Press Release. We’ve already started seeing some of the on-line publications include articles in their latest issues, such as in this recent article in Soundings.  

The GLCC Needs Your Help!

We’d appreciate help from every GLCC member in further spreading the word to local yacht clubs, power squadrons, marinas, and other boating-related organizations. Please consider downloading the press release document (click the above "Press Release" link to download the news release document) and attache/email the news release to your local boating-related organization’s newsletter editors, webmasters, or commodores/presidents asking that they consider sharing this news release with their members. Don’t be concerned if you think someone else may have also sent to the same organization … more requests will result in a higher probability of publication.

And do check out both the CCA “Safety for Cruising Couples” class and the several other 4Q2015 webinars recently opened for registration on  We look forward to seeing you in a GLCCSchool class soon.