GLCC Facebook Page Passes 500 Likes

Bill Rohde - August 23, 2016

This week's GLCC Facebook Page administrator's report noted that our GLCC FB page has now passed 500 likes! While hundreds more have visited or regularly visit the club's facebook page (one of the page's posts from last week has now reached over 3,700 viewers), those that take the step to "like" a Facebook page are showing explicit appreciation for its content. When a Facebook user "likes" a page, their Facebook news feed is updated accordingly, sharing with their friends which pages they "like".

The club's Facebook page was designed as a place where Great Lakes cruisers can easily view and share information of common interest. It's positioned to help introduce our club to the broader boating community, hopefully attracting potential new GLCC members while complimenting the more club-specific content and information provided on the club's web site. If you're not yet among the hundreds of users already accessing the GLCC's Facebook page we'd urge you to give it a look today. Just click the facebook symbol that's on the bottom left of the home page or click ... and don't forget to "like" the page.