Frazer Hill and Overlook, Marianne Cove, Baie Fine

Bill Rohde - March 21, 2008

When anchored in Baie Fine's Marianne Cove, don't miss the spectacular views afforded by the hike up Frazer Hill.  From your Marianne Cove anchorage, take your dingy a short distance into the narrow ,shallower, area that separates the small island with the home on it from the main land just across.  Pull your dingy ashore and pick up the trail which proceeds up (emphasis on the word "up") the draw, eventually leading to the top of the Baie Fine overlook.  This picture shows the last segment of that hike, with the trees giving way to quartz rock as you reach the spectacular overlook(s) at the summit.  Note, there are several overlooks to enjoy.  Once on the top, make sure you also explore the outcroppings on the south-facing side of the penninsula.  The views there are equally spectacular.