Erie Canal Closed

dweller - August 31, 2011

 For members thinking of exiting the lakes via the Erie Canal, be advised that the canal is closed because of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Details here...

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My husband, Andy, and his friend, Dave, started on a journey on August 11th to take our boat, Island Time, to Florida. When Hurricane Irene came up the east coast, he was in Lake Erie, headed to Buffalo to pick up a friend. He then went through the Welland Canal into Lake Ontario. Between August 27th until today, there have been vague reports of the canal system being partially open, partially closed, totally closed, maybe going to open, etc. Then finally, the news came through a phone call to a manager at the canals, that the closures will probably continue until next spring.

Andy, Dave, and Tim are currently in Rochester, NY, preparing Island Time to be shipped via marine transport to Annapolis, MD. There are many other boaters in the same situation, and the marine transporters are becoming harder and harder to come by. They will leave from Rochester with Island Time this coming Monday, and if all goes well, they will arrive in Annapolis on Tuesday.

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the reason becomes apparent, sometimes not. Prayers go out to all the the boaters who were attempting to go south via the canal system, that they will arrive safely at their destinations.

If you'd like to see how Andy and Island Time are doing, please look at our blog:

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According to the Canal website the canal is open from lock 19 west, but is closed east of there.