Coming Next to the GLCC School-- Understanding Power and Wilderness Cruising Isle Royale

AzureMer - March 20, 2014

Coming next to the GLCC School: 

Considering adding solar power on board? Join Bob Williams as he explores the latest in Solar and Wind Power technologies for boats of all sizes. Click here to learn more.

This seminar provides a focused look at the types of wind turbines and solar photovoltaic (PV) panel technologies available for the cruising yacht. It will include a discussion on the types of regulation most appropriate for each. Bob will use photos for examples of different types of configurations and mounts, including examples of misapplications. If you're seeking greater off the grid energy independence for your vessel, you'll find this webinar invaluable. Click here to learn more.

Isle Royale represents the ultimate in wilderness cruising. Join Niels Jensen as he explores its wondrous anchorages, hiking, fishing, and wildlife. Click here for more info.

This presentation explores the deep fjords, rocky reefs, hurricane holes, spectacular scenery, unusual wildlife, and pristine forests of the Isle Royale National Park in northern Lake Superior. The 45-mile long island group is part of the State of Michigan, but lies close to the Canadian border and is a highly desired cruising destination for many Great Lakes boaters. This lively presentation includes cruising directions, weather consideration, must-see anchorages, wilderness cruising preparedness, tips for exploring the island's many inland hiking trails, safety recommendations, and more. Click here for more info.