Coming Up in GLCCSchool: Cruising Lake Michigan's Southeast Shore

dancline - December 3, 2015

Explore Lake Michigan's sandy shores from St. Joseph, Michigan in the south to Leland in the north, with a stopover at South Manitou Island. Join the Chair of the GLCC's Harbor Reports committee, Lou Bruska, on Thursday, December 3, at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central, for his entertaining and informative webinar, Cruising Lake Michigan's Southeast Shore. You'll never find a better source for information about southeastern Lake Michigan's fascinating ports of call and beautiful scenery. And along the way in this information-packed webinar you'll also pick up scores of important cruising tips to maximize your cruising enjoyment. Click here for more information and to register for class.

Lou Bruska is one of the most knowledgable Great Lakes cruising experts around. And in addition, this section of Lake Michigan constitutes his home cruising grounds! Find out why these pristine shores of Lake Michigan, just a day's lake-hop across from from the hustle and bustle of Chicago and Milwaukee, have been a prime vacation destination for over 100 years.