Chart suggestions

Spike.Moore - June 9, 2017

Just got our first cruiser a couple weeks ago and am looking for suggestions on our best chart options.  We'll cruise mainly in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and down the St. Clair River.  I've got a Raymarine unit that takes the SD chips and bought the Navionics app for my iPad.  Wondering what chip to get for the Raymarine and what GLCC charts take advantage of.  Thanks!

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Welcome to the GLCC! I recommend a different brand for each electronic device...i.e., your Raymarine and iPad. The commercial charts each have limited update capabilities, compared to the NOAA electronic charts which are available online, and updated daily. If there appear to be discrepancies between the two brands, that is a definite heads up, to be checking on which is the newer update..., and take a look at your paper chart.

I also use OpenCPN on my PC laptop (reportedly there is a workaround to use it on an iPad), which uses the NOAA charts. If you have Wifi on board, you can download updates annually, or at each location you have enough bandwidth to update the particular area you need.

The chartlets in the GLCC Logbook are usually kept up to date through the diligent efforts of the Lou Bruska, Logbook Editor. That is a very handy means to have the Logbook entry as well as a chartlet of the area, all in the same report. And some of the chartlets are annotated to clearly show which marina is where...

I strongly urge you to buy a chartbook for Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. For overall planning, having a larger display which can be annotated with a pencil and/or post-its is invaluable, particularly when the electronics don't work.

Are you coming to the Rendezvous at Sturgeon Bay? I would encourage you to attend - a great way to meet many members - and fly your burgee!

Marilyn Kinsey
Port Captain, Escanaba, MI