2019 Rendezvous

The GLCC Office - March 12, 2019

Dockage is limited to boats of GLCC members who have registered for the event, the  Rendezvous Committee will make the slip reservations and payment is required to dock master upon arrival at 2019 State of Michigan harbor rate.

     Come and join the Great Lakes Cruising Club at the 2019 Rendezvous in St. Ignace (H-78), the second-oldest city in Michigan. The dates are July 8–12, 2019. Early arrival for board members is July 7 for the board meeting on the 8th. St. Ignace is ready to welcome us as we use the resources of which they are proud.
     The first official gathering will be on the docks with a meet-and-greet happy hour, with everyone bringing their best hors d’oeuvres. There is nothing better than a GLCC happy hour with our best recipes! And you can’t go wrong with the beverages because it is BYO Beverage. This is a great time for first-timers (the wonderful yellow ribbon wearers!) to get acquainted with the “older” members, otherwise known as well-seasoned.

Click HERE for online registration / Click HERE for a printable registration form (No refunds after 6/8/19)

     Seminars are being planned along with the annual grudge match volleyball game between the rag-haulers and the stink-potters for the bragging rights for a year, with the usual suspects and designated cheerleaders.
     We will be taking the ferry over as a group to Mackinac Island and walking to Mission Point for a beautiful brunch. It is about a 10-minute walk, but there are taxis available for those who choose to patronize the horses. After eating we will have the bocce ball tournament with some of the most gorgeous scenery to enjoy when your shot doesn’t roll like you would like it. There will also be a corn hole tournament on the deck. There is time to explore and enjoy the island. We will also have a happy hour reception at the Mackinac Island Yacht Club with great hors d’oeuvres. Another epicurean delight. I think there is a recurring theme here. You will be able to take whichever ferry you choose back to St. Ignace until the ferries stop running at 2230. You can have dinner on the island or back at St. Ignace.
     Don’t forget to start gathering items for the Annual Bilge Auction, which raises funds for the Great Lakes Foundation. Some of the most incredible and unbelievable objects have appeared in the auctioneer’s hands. We’ll see what happens this year.
     We also have raffle items for the Foundation. I have heard rumors that a certain Cynthia McNine is working on a beautiful quilt for the raffle. Her incredible works-of-art are greatly appreciated by the members. We are always looking for items or services suitable for the raffle. Anyone with an item for the raffle please notify the chair or the office. Thanks!
     Remember that dockage is limited to boats of members who have registered for the event. St. Ignace will not accept any requests for dockage except through the GLCC office. The registration form will include what you need for dockage. It is first come-first served for the slips available. Also remember for post-rendezvous plans that the Mackinac Races begin the following Saturday so plan accordingly. The racers take a lot of slips out of availability in the area. The Chicago Race begins Saturday. 
     The Kewadin Casino is hosting the Commodore’s Dinner on Thursday, July 11. There will be a cash bar. The Casino is also offering rooms for $115 US/night, which is a great rate for high season in this area. There are free shuttles available along with the continuous trolley, which runs all throughout St. Ignace from the grocery stores, through town including the marina, and out to the casino. The cost for the trolley is $1 USD/pp.
     All this means is that it’s a good time is awaiting you in St. Ignace. Once registration opens don’t procrastinate. We have limits on dockage. Plan your fabulous hors d’oeuvres. Figure your after-rendezvous plans. There are RV parks nearby. St. Ignace will be ready!

(time/date subject to change & weather)

1000 – 1500 Registration (Dock)
All Day Dress Ship
1000 – 1600 Registration/Ships Store (Dock)
1200 – 1300 Lunch On Your Own
1300 – 1700 Board of Directors’ Meetings (TBD)
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1730 – 1830 Meet & Greet/Happy Hour Hors D’oeuvres Potluck - Bring an Appetizer, Own Service & Beverage (Dock)
1900 Dinner On Your Own
TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2019 - DAY 2
All Day Dress Ship
0800 Morning Cannon & Colors
0805 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A) 
Continental Breakfast (Dock)
0900 – 1000 Port Captains’ Mtg (Dock)
1000 First Aid (Dock)
1000 – 1200 Registration/Ships Store (Dock)
1100 Book Club (Dock)
1200 Lunch On Your Own
1300 Gadget Hour (Dock)
1400 Bayfield Award Seminar (Dock)
1600 Fleet Review
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1730 – 1830 First-Timers and Pictures (Dock)
1830 Commodore’s Reception / Cash Bar &
Heavy Hors D’oeuvres (Dock)
2000 Dinner On Your Own
WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2019 - DAY 3
0800 Morning Cannon & Colors
0805 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0930 Board Starline Ferry 
(South of Marina, follow boardwalk)
0945 Ferry leaves for Mackinac Island
1100 – 1300 Brunch (Mission Point)
1230 Bocce Ball (Mission Point)
1330 Corn Hole (Mission Point)
1700 – 1900 Reception w/ Hors D’oeuvres (Mackinac Island
Yacht Club, across from the Marina)
1900 – 2100 Return to St. Ignace
1930 Dinner On Your Own
THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019 - DAY 4
0800 Morning Cannon & Colors
0835 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0830 Breakfast (Catholic Church)
1000 Bilge Auction (Dock)
1200 Lunch On Your Own
1330 Volleyball Game (South of Marina)
1500 Flare Seminar (TBD)
1730 Board Vans for Casino (Parking Lot)
1800 Social Hour/Cash Bar (Casino)
1900 Commodore’s Dinner & Awards (Casino)
2200 Shuttles back to dock
0730 – 0900 Continental Breakfast (Dock)
0800 Morning Cannon & Colors
0805 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0830 Blessing of the Fleet
0930 – 1200 Official Departure (Traditional “Great Lakes Salute”
is one long, two short)
Click HERE for online registration / Click HERE for a printable registration form (No refunds after 6/8/19)
Registration Fee for GLCC member(s) & guests: $220 USD/person. The registration fee is an all-inclusive fee and includes: 1) 2 continental Breakfasts on the Dock, 2) Commodore’s Reception (Cash Bar), 3) Ferry to and from Mackinac Island, 4) Brunch at Mission Point, 5) Hors d’oeuvres at the Mackinac Island Yacht Club, 6) Breakfast at the Catholic Church & 7) Commodore’s Dinner (Cash Bar). There will also be dashboard plaques, lanyards, and Rendezvous memorabilia. Please bring hors d’oeuvres and beverages to the Meet & Greet/Happy Hour Hors D’oeuvres Potluck. Children age 4 and under are free of charge (for youth over 4, please call Christine Moore-Skrocki).
Hotel Rooms: A block of rooms is held at Kewadin Casino (906-643-7071 or 1-800-KEWADIN) for a special rate of $115 USD. Please mention booking id: 15200 GLCC.
Dockage: First-come first-served as limited to the slips available for members who have registered for the event. St. Ignace will not accept any requests for dockage. Also remember for post-rendezvous plans that the Mackinac Races begin the following Saturday so plan accordingly. Dockage rates will be based on the State of Michigan 2019 Harbor Operations & Fee Schedule.
RV Parking: Available at nearby St. Ignace RV parks.
Information: For further information please contact Port Captain Christine Moore-Skrocki 989-245-3343 / skrocknest@aol.com or Director Cheryl Cheger-Timm 989-714-7917 / chaltimm@sbcglobal.net
Event date: 
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 09:00 to Friday, July 12, 2019 - 12:00