2018 GLCC Rendezvous - Killarney, Ontario

The GLCC Office - May 9, 2018

5/4/18 UPDATE: Due to seating capacity of 200 at the Commodore's dinner, registration for the 2018 Rendezvous in Killarney, Ont. is now “Wait List Only”. Please call the GLCC office at 810-984-4500 to discuss registering to attend the Rendezvous.

      The Great Lakes Cruising Club’s annual Summer Rendezvous will be held in Killarney, Ont. (GB-52) this year from July 15–19. The last Rendezvous held there was in 2004. Killarney is a cozy town nestled in northern Georgian Bay’s Killarney Channel between George Island and Canada’s mainland, with lots to see and do. The Rendezvous Committee has been diligently planning event activities — for the young and the mature! The 2018 GLCC Rendezvous will be an experience you won’t want to miss, so make your reservations now because space is limited to 200 people. You may also wish to start your excursion early by attending the Wilderness Rally which is only seven miles away in Keyhole Harbor (GB-50.5), or any other of the GLCC events on the route to or from the Rendezvous.

 5/8/18 Links disabled. Please call the office to discuss registration & payment to attend the GLCC Rendezvous. Click HERE to register online. Click HERE for a printable registration form (No refunds after 6/20/18).
PLEASE NOTE that there is maximum seating for 200 for the Commodore's Reception & Dinner. Please call the GLCC office prior to registering to attend as we are now near capacity for paid - registered attendees. We will have no choice but to create a waiting list for anyone that wishes to attend after the 200 paid attendee limit has been met.
     On Sunday, the day of arrival, the Board of Directors’ Meetings will be held at 1330 and a Meet and Greet will kick off the Killarney Cookout (with a special guest) at 1730.
     The next morning, there will be a Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Local Ladies' Auxiliary and served by our own GLCC Bridge. The Port Captains’ Meeting will follow at 0900, and then the Book Club, optional men's and ladies’ lunches and an optional Zentangle craft with demonstration will be available after the ladies' lunch (preregistration required for these optional activities). In the afternoon is the Dinghy Race, Fleet Review, first-timers get-together and pictures, and finally in the evening the Commodore’s Reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres will commence at 1830 with a live DJ.
     Tuesday will be another busy day with the traditional Volleyball game, a Kayak Race and the Gadget Hour. You will learn about the history of Killarney when you attend Gossip in the Graveyard behind the Killegy Chapel, presented by Mary Roque and several of the townspeople. On Tuesday night, a Fish Fry is planned at the Mountain Lodge’s BBQ Pit (with a special guest).
     Wednesday is when activities will include bocce, horseshoes, the not-to-be-missed Bilge Auction, with all proceeds going to the Great Lakes Foundation. The Rendezvous will officially be over with the Commodore’s Dinner, social hour, awards and DJ.
     Departure day will end at 1200 with the traditional “Great Lakes Salute” — one long, two short.

Tentative Schedule

All Day Dress Ship
1000 – 1500 Registration (Clubhouse)
All Day Dress Ship
0830 Blessing of the Fleet
1000 – 1600 Registration/Ships Store (Mt Lodge)
1200 – 1300 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
1330 – 1700 Board of Directors’ Meetings (Mt Lodge)
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1730 – 1830
Meet & Greet - Bring an Appetizer (Mt Lodge/BBQ Pit)
1830 – 2100
Killarney Cookout w/Special Guest (Mt Lodge/BBQ Pit)
Until 1600 Dress Ship
0730 – 1000
Ladies Auxillary Pancake Breakfast Served by GLCC Bridge Officers (Community Center)
0830 – 1030 Registration/Ships Store (Mt Lodge)
0830 Morning Cannon & Colors
0835 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0900 – 1000 Port Captains’ Meeting (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1000 Book Club (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1100 – 1300
LUNCH ON YOUR OWN -or- Optional Ladies' Day Luncheon $25 /
Optional Ladies' Day Zentangle Craft $25 / Optional Mens' Lunch w/Speaker $20
Meal selections available upon registration (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
Dinghy Race (Mt Lodge/Boat House)
Fleet Review
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1730 – 1830
First-Timers and Pictures (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1830 – 2000
Commodore’s Reception w/DJ & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
0730 – 0900 Continental Breakfast (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
0830 Morning Cannon & Colors
0835 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1030 – 1200 Volleyball (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1200 – 1300 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
1300 Kayak Race (Mt Lodge/Boat House)
1400 – 1500 Gadget Hour (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1600 – 1700 Gossip in The Graveyard/History of Killarney w/Mary Roque (Killegy Chapel & Graveyard)
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1830 – 2100 Fish Fry w/Special Guest (Mt Lodge/BBQ Pit)
0730 – 0900 Continental Breakfast (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
0830 Morning Cannon & Colors
0835 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0900 – 1000 Bocce - Need a Partner (Mt Lodge Yard)
0900 – 1000 Horseshoes (Mt Lodge Yard)
1200 – 1300 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
1300 – 1500 Bilge Auction (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
1700 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
1830 – 1930 Social Hour (Mt Lodge)
1930 Commodore’s Dinner & Awards w/DJ ‘til 2300 (Mt Lodge)
0730 – 0900 Continental Breakfast (Mt Lodge/Great Rm)
0830 Morning Cannon & Colors
0835 VHF Announcements (Ch 78A)
0900 – 0930 Horn Salute & Goodbyes
0930 – 1200 Official Departure (Traditional “Great Lakes Salute” is one long, two short)
5/8/18 Links disabled. Please call the office to discuus registration & payment to attend the GLCC Rendezvous. Click HERE to register online / Click HERE for a printable registration form. Online Registrations are requested to be received by 5/4/2018 for the vendors to fullfill the needed orders. (No refunds after 6/20/18) .
REGISTRATION FEE for GLCC member(s) & guests: $240 USD/person. The registration fee is an all-inclusive fee and admits each individual to all events EXCEPT: 1) payment of dockage, 2) Ladies' Luncheon, 3) Craft, 4) Men’s Lunch, & 5) Cash bar at all meals except breakfasts. Children age 10 and under are free of charge (for youth over 10, please call Cathy Zumkehr). The “all-inclusive” fee of $240 USD per person includes: Killarney Cookout; Ladies' Aulillary/Officers’ Pancake Breakfast; 3 Continental breakfasts; Catered Commodore’s Reception including heavy hors d’oeuvres; Gossip in the Graveyard history of Killarney; Fish Fry; and the Commodore’s Dinner & Awards.

     Many activities are planned, so again get your reservations completed soon, as we have limited space. Check back soon for updates!

Places to stay:
Phone #
Email Address
Killarney Mountain Lodge
They have Dockage, Hotel Rooms and Cottages
800-461-1117 escape@killarney.com
Sportsman’s Inn Resort and Spa
They have Dockage, Hotel Rooms and Cottages
705-287-9990 info@sportsmansinn.ca
Roque’s Marina
They have Dockage and RV Parking with electric and water connections
705-287-9900 roquesmarina@hotmail.com


For more information please contact Chairs:
Cathy Zumkehr at 330-620-9414 or cbrumit@mac.com
Port Captain Charlie Zumkehr at 330-618-4994 or c.zumkehr@att.net


Event date: 
Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 08:30 to Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 12:00