This Week in GLCCSchool: Isle Royale...Lake Erie...Apostle Islands...Lake Superior's Canadian Shores

dancline - March 25, 2013

It's a big week for webinars at the GLCCSchool! On Monday, March 18, Niels Jensen will take us to Isle Royale National Park in Cruising Lake Superior's Isle Royale. On Tuesday, March 19, join Allen Murphy for Cruising Lake Erie. It's back to Lake Superior for the rest of the week: On Wednesday, March 20, we'll join Niels Jensen for Cruising Lake Superior's Apostle Islands. We complete our Lake Superior series on Thursday, March 21, with Fred Bagley taking us Cruising Lake Superior's Canadian Shores. For more information about other webinars and webinar recordings that are open for registration, click here. See you in class!