We Need "NEW" Current Ads

Shell - January 28, 2011

 This is Your Opportunity to get your "Boating Stuff" for sale in front of a captive audience (GLCC members only).

For SaleBest of all its FREE to advertise! One more GREAT reason to be a member!

Your ad will be in both places: the internet & in the Lifeline.

Help make our Member to Member section a success.

Its your club so get more from it - Advertise!

Just click here to get started: http://www.glcclub.com/forums/ads

or contact the GLCC office. 

 " Please Note: Ads will remain on the website for 9 months"

Bill Rohde's picture

Hi Alice - If you click "Discussion Forums" on the glcclub home page there are several different forums there. Just scroll down to the forum on "Ads" and you can delete your post there. That said, I just looked to see if I could delete it for you and couldn't find it. Perhaps you or someone else found and deleted it first. Or ... if I missed finding it please let me know which listing it is and I could delete it for you if you'd prefer.

We use our discussion forums for things like this as there are so many different things one might look for on the web site there just isn't enough room on the home page for links to everything. Another option is to do a "search" for what you want to look for (the search box is always on the upper right of the screen).

I hope that's helpful.

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my boat walkabout has sold. I can't figure out how to delete it. I can't even find the ads. You need to have a link on the front page to "ads". Alice