Type II MSD use in the lakes

Visitor (not verified) - June 3, 2010

 We are going to start the Great Lakes part of our loop trip and are finding lots of conflicting info on using our type II treatment system while cruising the lakes. Can anybody point me to a definitive regulation? Thanks.

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I disabled my thru hull discharge by closing the valve and removing the handle. I also wired the "Y" diverter valve to the holding tank position. This prevents switching to the overboard discharge position. This solution was accepted by the USCG inspector.

BTW, the USCG inspector told me that the State of Michigan considers a flare pistol to be a firearm and must be licensed. This applies to both 25mm and 12 gauge. If you want to have parachute or meteor flares on board you should purchase a SOLAS flare; $50 each at West Marine. I have not heard of Illinois or Wisconsin having a restriction but other states might.

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Here's the Michigan law:


Basically, type II devices must be secured so that they cannot discharge overboard. This is generally true of all US and Canadian waters.

Assuming you have a Y-valve, it must be inoperable (handle removed is the normal way).

Hope this helps.